Eggs—The chicken comes first. Healthy, happy, free-range chickens lay incredible eggs.┬áThe shell is stronger, the egg white thicker,
and the yolk brighter. This means more taste and nutrition. You’ll never want another pale yellow watery store-bought egg again.
Here’s how they compare: Real pastured (or free-range) eggs have 5 times more vitamin D / 2 times more vitamin A
2 times more omega-3 fatty acids / 3 times more vitamin E / 7 times more beta carotene than commercially raised eggs.

Honey—A pot of gold at the end of a rainbow of raided flowers; that’s what our bees will give you.
Healthy, wholesome, natural, nutritious liquid gold, in the form of Asa Stone Farm honey. Unlike
major producers who spoil their bees with sugar water to maximize their yield, our bees work hard,
and stay appropriately busy, foraging from a rich variety of native flora which change with the season.
With loosestrife in the mix, you might even sneeze less often.

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